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NFC ¿qué es y para qué sirve

NFC: what is it and what is it for?

NFC technology is increasingly used and seems to have more uses than those known to date. Its main characteristics and different fields of application are discussed below.

What is NFC technology?

Its acronym refers to Near Field Communication or short-range wireless technology. Its use allows data to be transmitted from one electronic device to another that has the same type of chip inside. When connecting, an electromagnetic field is generated where the transfer of the desired information occurs.

In what kinds of settings is short-range wireless technology used?

The most frequent are commerce (for the payment of products), access (to a building or a means of transport) or the automation of actions. On the other hand, there are several sectors in which the growth of this proposal will mean a very positive change:

  • Medicine. The use of flexible circuits that incorporate NFC will allow knowing the medical history of a person, which helps to determine the most appropriate treatment for each case.
  • Traceability. It is one of the most interesting aspects, as it facilitates the monitoring from the origin to the destination of any food or merchandise.
  • The logistics. Without a doubt, it stands out among the services that will benefit the most from this alternative. It will be enough to bring a device closer to a package to know all the possible information about it.
  • Device charging. It is enough with a base that has the same technology to charge all types of devices without contact and more efficiently. Around 85% of people who already use it prefer this option to using the classic charger.
  • Home automation It is already possible to automate any home from a mobile phone. From opening a door without a physical lock to activating an appliance, this technology surprises with its adaptability to all kinds of devices.
  • The business cards. Gone are the classic business cards made of paper or cardboard. Now it is possible to send this information without contact and get a splendid result.

A promising future

After being created in 1983 and becoming widespread in 2002, it seemed that it was going to fall into disuse, but time has confirmed its undoubted advantages. Forecasts indicate an increase in their employment of 27% and the generation of more than 42 billion dollars of benefits worldwide.

The rise of applications that interpret labels with this technology or help to get the most out of it on any mobile phone is symptomatic. Everything seems to indicate that it is one of the keys to having up-to-date information at all times and at a minimum cost.

In Electrolomas, the manufacture of circuits equipped with NFC technology is customized. This specialization in sectors such as medicine or research helps to continue generating proposals applicable to more specific fields. It is enough to contact the firm to get customized products that make it easier to get the most out of a proposal that is as interesting as it is essential.

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