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Mecatrónica y circuitos eléctricos

Mechatronics and electrical circuits

For some years now, mechatronics and electrical circuits have tended to be inseparable. Below, all its keys are discussed and why it is so essential.

What is mechatronics

Defining what mechatronics is is simple. It is a branch of engineering that combines mechanics and electronics. Its goal is the design, testing and manufacturing of new and more efficient machinery.

Regarding the uses of mechatronics, it is common in mechanical, electronic, computer and control engineering work. Its growing importance lies in the fact that the new machinery incorporates into its structure:

  • Touchscreens.
  • PLC (programmable controllers).
  • Microcontrollers (Arduino or Raspberry Pi among others).

The approach is therefore totally different from that of electronics. Therefore, mechatronics is more reliable when it comes to solving any type of incident.

Mechatronics and electrical circuits, what is the relationship?

Mechatronics is related to electrical circuits thanks to the invention of the microcontroller. This fundamental piece is responsible for making a machine work. It is enough to incorporate sensors or actuators among other peripherals to gain operability. Therefore, mechatronics is as important as plastic injection in circuits was.

In the past, the electronic engineer was in charge of assembling the circuits thanks to kilometers of cable and quite complicated structures. Subsequently, the electromechanical engineer had to configure each component. If something failed I had to change the part and rewire the frame.

Currently, the mechatronic engineer is responsible for designing how the mechanical elements are connected to the electronic board using sensors and actuators. In addition, it configures components through a computer program. You have the option to define how each piece should act depending on external conditions or the rest of the connections. When finished, you just have to download the program to the PLC or microcontroller to get everything working properly. Thus, electronic circuits continue to be essential, but without the need to design systems that are as convoluted as they are difficult to repair.

Advantages of mechatronics

The advantages of mechatronics can be summarized in the following points:

  • A circuit can be modified in a few seconds. It is enough to modify a parameter of the program used and it is not necessary to connect or disconnect any type of cable.
  • Simply look at the program report on the machine in question to detect any anomalies. You do not have to check each cable until you reach the error.
  • The manufacturer saves a lot thanks to this option both in time and materials.

Therefore, mechatronics and electrical circuits form a combination of undoubted value for different industrial sectors. Its advance confirms that evolution in electricity makes life easier for circuit manufacturers. On our social networks you will find all the information about this type of news. If you need any type of product related to mechatronics, review our commercial catalog. We will be happy to advise you and help you achieve the best possible result with your business machinery.

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