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All the news of Electrolomas and the sector

Digital transformation will help in the electronics sector

The contemporary technological revolution, marked by an unprecedented acceleration in innovation and technology, is reshaping the industrial landscape at a dizzying pace. Organizations face the constant challenge of adapting to the new complexities and dynamics of a continually evolving market.…

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What is a pick and place?

Pick and place has revolutionized the precision and efficiency of the electronics industry. It is a good time to learn what a P&P is and what its applications are. What is a P&P: definition and functions This tool has optimized…

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Making history with electromechanics

The history of electromechanics is closely linked to the textile industry. Although there are previous antecedents, its beginnings are directly related to the Industrial Revolution. This discipline combines electrical engineering with mechanics. In recent decades, its evolution has been dizzying…

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Is an electronic circuit the same as another electrical circuit?

For those who are not experts in electricity, there is often a very common confusion: distinguishing between an electronic circuit and an electrical circuit. In this article we will clarify these concepts and explore the fundamental differences between the two.…

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Dentisterie et circuits électroniques

Dentistry and electronic circuits

Often, the term electronic circuit can seem like a distant concept to most and an invisible component in everyday life. However, this technological framework is present in numerous crucial aspects for humanity. This article will explain why these elements are…

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Three differential machines in the production of electrical circuits

The production of electrical circuits is a delicate task that requires precision and quality from professionals. When choosing a supplier, it is essential to consider the machines used in the process. This article delves into three machines that distinguish the…

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sistemas AOI de revisión óptica

What are AOI optical review systems during electronic production?

When undertaking work related to the production of electronic elements, AOI optical inspection systems are used to increase reliability and quality. We will discuss what they consist of and why they are key to differentiating yourself from the competition. What…

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Mecatrónica y circuitos eléctricos

Mechatronics and electrical circuits

For some years now, mechatronics and electrical circuits have tended to be inseparable. Below, all its keys are discussed and why it is so essential. What is mechatronics Defining what mechatronics is is simple. It is a branch of engineering…

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