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All the news of Electrolomas and the sector

ISO 13485

What is ISO 13485?

The ISO 13485 quality management standard focuses on medical devices and is essential to certify their adaptability for professional use. Therefore, the characteristics and usefulness of this certification are discussed in the following sections. ISO 13485, definition and objectives It…

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Tecnologia de control de accesos

Present and future of access control

Access control technologies are becoming increasingly important in today's society. Not only has it become something mandatory in companies (for example, with time control), but it is increasingly vital in many other areas, such as leisure or events. Access control,…

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IoT y medicina

IoT and medicine, the advances to come

Technology has established itself as the greatest precursor of the advancement of humanity. Its applications in two axes - such as advances in IoT and medicine - represent the most promising of our time. From Electro Lomas we have opted…

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What are electromechanical assemblies used for?

Electromechanical assemblies play a fundamental role in everyday life. These have become such a basic pillar that they are not always perceived by the general population. However, without them, most devices and tools that make everyday tasks easier would not…

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Electrolomas celebrates its 25th anniversary!

In September 1997 Electrolomas began its journey in the electromechanical sector. It has been 25 years in which Electrolomas has not stopped wanting to improve and advance to be able to respond to the needs of our customers. Looking back,…

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ISO 13485

What is the ISO 13485 Standard?

ISO 13485 is a relevant standard for healthcare companies. Although it is based on ISO 9001, the 13485 format is the same, as are some of its requirements. In addition, it is a regulation for manufacturers, since they follow it…

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Sistemas electrónicos de seguridad - tipos y componentes

Electronic security systems: types and components

Security systems have become a primary necessity for businesses and individuals. They are responsible for ensuring that there is no type of theft or intruders in a property or establishment. And, thanks to technology, these systems can be approached in…

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Electrolomas is part of the ACEFICORE project.

Electrolomas participates in the project AUTOMÓVILES CONECTADOS A TRAVÉS DE ELECTRÓNICA FUNCIONAL, INTEGRADOS EN COMPONENTES FABRICADOS CON MATERIALES RECICLADOS Y 100% RECICLABLES, ACEFICORE ACEFICORE (Project No. EXP 00145432 / PTAS-20211010). This project is financed by the European Union NextGenerationEU Funds,…

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