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Wave soldering and electronic circuits

Electrolomas specialises in the manufacture of all types of electronic circuits, among other products and services. Extensive experience has positioned this company as a benchmark in the sector. This post explains what wave soldering is and its most outstanding advantages,…

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What are the differences between electronic and electromechanical assembly?

Electronic assembly and electromechanical assembly should not be confused. Both refer to different processes, although they are still related. To take advantage of the potential of each one, it is advisable to understand them in detail. We will delve into…

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Eco-friendly electrical circuits: what are their bases?

Eco-friendly electrical circuits contribute to taking care of the planet. As the use of electronic devices increases, it is essential to ensure that they are sustainable. Thus, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of a strategic industry for…

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What is it and how to learn electronic engineering?

Learning electronic engineering is synonymous with entering an exciting and challenging world. The work of engineers ranges from the design to the consolidation of electronic circuits, fundamental tasks in the digital age. Mastering this branch of knowledge requires time and…

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How are artificial intelligence and electronic circuits related?

Electronic circuits are not immune to the impact of artificial intelligence. In the last year, they have experienced a qualitative leap due to extensive language models and different algorithms. Thanks to them, circuitry professionals can be more productive and creative.…

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History of electricity and the electric cable

Introduction At Electrolomas, we have discussed on several occasions about the electric cable, its definition, composition and classification. However, it is fascinating to explore the origin of this invention that has revolutionized our way of life, bringing electricity to any…

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Digital transformation will help in the electronics sector

The contemporary technological revolution, marked by an unprecedented acceleration in innovation and technology, is reshaping the industrial landscape at a dizzying pace. Organizations face the constant challenge of adapting to the new complexities and dynamics of a continually evolving market.…

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What is a pick and place?

Pick and place has revolutionized the precision and efficiency of the electronics industry. It is a good time to learn what a P&P is and what its applications are. What is a P&P: definition and functions This tool has optimized…

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