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European and National Projects

Since 2018 we began collaborating with research centers. We have been making contacts with both national and European technology centers, as well as with universities/technology transition offices that are looking for partners to provide support in prototyping, co-development of their products or industrialization of them. Likewise, we collaborate daily with engineering companies so that together we can offer the development of electronic/mechanical engineering and the industrialization of the product.

Being in contact with start-ups from different sectors also allows us to know the technical needs for the development of new products.


We have carried out a project within the SmartEEs2 platform within Horizon Europe, dedicated to flexible electronics. We have helped the company iBreve in the industrialization process of a wearable dedicated to health. Electrolomas is part of this European platform for companies and technological centers for the development of printed/flexible electronics, and was chosen as an industrial company for the iTransform project together with iBreve.


We are part of the ACEFICORE project led by Autotech – Gestamp “Cars connected through Functional Electronics integrated into components made with recycled and 100% recyclable materials.”

PERTE VEC1 “light2move”

We are part of the PERTE VEC1 “light2move” led by Faurecia, in one of the 9 main projects that the tractor project has, together with Industrias Alegre, for the development of light and efficient electronic components that use plastronics technology for electric vehicles and connected.


We developed together with Eurecat and Rotimpress a project CHALLENGES /PCPP Technology for large-scale manufacturing of devices for the digitization of analog objects (Fab-4-Digital) CPP2021-008984


In collaboration with Rotimpres. Printed electronics and EURECAT, we are proud to announce an ambitious project with which we want to bring electronics closer to daily life by solving daily problems and at the same time in an affordable way: FAB-4-DIGITAL.

This research project, financed with €382,016.64 and part of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023, as well as the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, aims to create technology for manufacturing at large scale of devices intended for the digitization of analog objects.

From 2022 until the end of 2025, we focus on developing printed electronics solutions to digitize two everyday products, promising not only to innovate in the sector but also to bring significant commercial and economic impact to both Electrolomas and our partners.

This effort represents another step in our commitment to the research and industrialization of innovative products in the field of printed electronics.

Stay tuned for our updates and explore how FAB-4-DIGITAL is shaping the future of digitalization. For more information about this revolutionary project and other advances of the RETOS project, visit our website.

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