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We invest in constantly innovating and improving in order to respond to market demands. Depending on the client’s needs, we can collaborate at the beginning, middle or end of the project, or offer turnkey projects.

Technical office

Electronic development, advice and search for components


Manufacture of prototypes and support in the final design, product adaptation, etc.

Supply Chain

Purchase of components and necessary materials, search for suppliers to apply the necessary treatments to achieve a product that responds 100% to technical requirements


Serial production solutions, integration of the necessary technologies (machining, laser cutting, welding, treatments, plastic injection …)


Partial or complete assembly of machinery; integration of components supplied by the customer or purchased by us


Traceability, manufacturing according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485; CE certification; X-ray test control


Capacity to store product and make shipments to end customers, when our customer needs it


Search for the packaging that best suits the customer’s needs; stock management, transport organization and delivery

After Sales

Repair of equipment, parts and reshipment

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