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Tecnologia de control de accesos

Present and future of access control

Access control technologies are becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Not only has it become something mandatory in companies (for example, with time control), but it is increasingly vital in many other areas, such as leisure or events.

Access control, present and future

Both the labor market and the entertainment industry, events and other sectors need to continue innovating and developing this type of people identification technology. Systems such as biometrics have contributed a lot to simplify and popularize this control. In this way, plastic or paper supports, or other more rudimentary methods, have been eliminated to manage and store people’s data.

The main characteristic of these systems is that they are very secure, since they cannot be copied, altered, and much less stolen. Precisely, all these functionalities were what caused some of the vulnerabilities in passwords or physical devices. Luckily, today they are solved with biometric control.

Technology for the identification of people

Although there is still a long way to go, biometric access is very simple to use. For this reason, the technology industry continues to investigate the solutions that are already being put into practice. With this, not only is entry easier for users, but management is also streamlined by those who collect the data.

Palm of the hand

Palm scanning creates an algorithm unique to each individual. Technology allows you to mix this with machine learning, or the learning capacity that machines have. The end result is a complex web of data that identifies people and is impossible to plagiarize.


Undoubtedly, biometrics par excellence and one of the first elements used for access control, due to its simplicity. Today, many companies use it to control the time of their workers, since they only have to put their thumb or forefinger on a device to record the beginning and end of their workday.

Iris of the eye

Years ago, we saw in science fiction movies how the eye scanner gave personal access to highly protected places. Today it is a reality and technology is capable of identifying the unique characteristics that each iris has.

Facial recognition

If the iris or the hand weren’t enough, the innovation advances to a full facial scan. This means analyzing many more features, increasing security. Something for which technology seems to be already prepared.

Speech recognition

The voice also has some personal nuances that differentiate us from each other. A biometric system that will give a lot to talk about in the coming years.

In short, access control technology has evolved a lot, thanks to biometrics. Currently, its use is becoming popular in different areas, especially at the work level. The hand, the iris or the voice represent a revolution on which to continue advancing in the coming years.

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