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Grans innovacions tecnològiques i d'IOT per a la medicina que ve

Great technological and IOT innovations for the medicine to come

Technological innovations in the area of medicine is one of Electrolomas’ specialties. The company continues to strive to make a difference in the sector and invests in research and development with a single objective: to offer the best possible service.

IOT and other medical technological advances for the near future

The most notable medical advances expected in a few years will mark a before and after in the sector. The most important ones are discussed.

IOT in medicine

When talking about IOT in medicine, it is clear that its acronym refers to the Internet of medical affairs and has favored remote consultations and the possibility of monitoring the patient with less effort. At the same time, each procedure becomes a source of data that is analyzed to verify the quality of the service and the most appropriate type of treatment in each case. Subsequently, the information generated serves as a basis for students and professionals who improve their knowledge of the effects of each treatment or surgery performed.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will become a protagonist both in telecare and in possible triage tests. It will be the corresponding robot who can determine the severity of the patient and even analyze his symptoms before the doctor sees him. The use of augmented and virtual reality will be of vital help to facilitate medical practices for professionals.


Nanomedicine will also have its place. The possibility of introducing small robots into the bloodstream that solve problems originating in different areas of the body is already a reality. The development of high-quality and adaptable electronic circuits is the key to confirming the viability of an increasingly used proposal.

3D printing

For several years now, this type of printing has been renewing the way professionals from different sectors work. Soon, it will be possible to print a fully operational part of the body to avoid waiting for donations for transplants or similar. Once again, the quality of the circuits in healthcare printers will help achieve the best possible result.

Automation and patient protection

The automation of all procedures related to patient information and others will improve, thus saving much more time. In addition, the patient’s personal data will always be protected thanks to improved cybersecurity through the use of fingerprints or facial features. Encryption of medical information enables research and preserves the identity of each patient.

At Electro Lomas we continue to focus on turning technological innovations into a reality. The company adapts to all types of clients and has managed to develop personalized circuits for any type of device. It is enough to contact your customer service team to find out about your commercial proposal and the multiple possibilities it offers. Only in this way has the company managed to lead its market niche and make a difference.

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