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Latest technology to give your circuits the versatility they need

Printed circuits

Printed electronics is a technology that allows printing directly on different substrates (thin plastic, paper, metal or textiles) electronic components, conductive tracks and circuits. In this way:

The substrate maintains its original properties
Substrate remains as flexible as before printing

The manufacturing process of our flexible circuits is:

We select the right substrate
A tinting process is applied
We print the circuit
We proceed to curing
Finally, we weld the element

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 We have developed together with Eurecat  the soldering of components in flexible circuits

Flexible circuits

Flexible circuits represent a paradigm shift: from a rigid circuit to a malleable one. A thin, easy-to-integrate type of circuit that can cover large areas and be mass-produced.

It has the built-in functionality of combining different devices on a single production substrate. And it offers new market opportunities thanks to its greater freedom of shape and size.


Flexible circuits have a multitude of applications in today’s markets:

Printed electronics in important industrial sectors

Monitoring for preventive care
Wellness and health purposes
OLED for light therapy
Smart ampoules
Displays as decorative applications
OLED luminaires
Detection and signaling for household appliances
Tactile and functional surfaces
Low cost and consumption displays for price tags
Smart tickets and labels
Smart packaging combining sensor systems
Energy collection and storage
Printed and hybrid NFC and RFID tags


NFC, RFID antennas
Geolocation, GPS (hybrid electronics)
Motion monitoring
Printed light
ECG, respiration, temperature monitoring

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